Air for the Soul

Inflight Service in Collaboration with KLM Airlines

Responding to KLM's interest in "Connectivity on Board", I addressed myself to this subject. My first idea was to offer the passengers a platform to communicate with each other via the screens. But I wanted to go further, since the people on the airplane are at the same spot already. They can profit from the sensuous quality of a direct conversation, where there's more interaction and expression through bodylanguage.

Respecting the limeted space in economy class, I thought of a way how four persons could sit facing each other. Two seats with a twisting point in the middle can be unlocked from the standard position and be turned around. This action also results in breaking off the confining space arrangement. You don't have a board in front of your face anymore. There is more air around your body, which feels liberating. It also gives you the opportunity to place your feet in different ways. You can straighten your legs beside each other, cross them or even put them on the seat in front of you.

This system works most conveniently for families or friends. Especially with small children you can devide the space more appropriate. It's installed in one part of the airplane and can be booked in advance.

experiance Flight together
more Air around Body & Leg Freedom : experiance Flight together

Gaining Space
Slimer Seat, keep main Construction: Gaining Space

Storage for Screen and Table 

Flexible Leaning 

Individual Choice
Screen: Individual Choice

Eating Together
Table: Eating Together

new Space Opportunities
Turning Airplane Seats: new Space Opportunities