Concept for Unimilk Ice-Cream

How to sell and promote ice-cream from the company Unimilk?

Walking down the city promenade enjoying the green of the trees. Along the side people are having a break on the benches. Between the standart ones, you suddenly discover a bended bench with a low seat. Seconds later you see another one. And again another one with the same angled shape but it's taller. The benches are growing. People are having ice cream. You smell fresh baked biscuit, now you have reached the Unimilk stand.

The growing benches are not only promoting Unimilk, they also make the ice-cream experience more exciting. Their angled shapes allows more people to sit and talk all with each other in a more confortable way than on a straight bench. And still you are having your view to the promenade and the people passing by.

Rising Benches, raising Excitment 

"Step"/ "Chair"/ "Bar Stool"
Sitting Heights: "Step"/ "Chair"/ "Bar Stool"

Comfortable to talk & keeping view
Angled Bench: Comfortable to talk & keeping view

Walking down the Promenade