"My fascination lies in the beauty of little things, small moments in everyday life that give you a sense of delight."

Nathalie Stämpfli studied product design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where she graduated in 2010 and was awarded the Allumonde Ring for Social Design. Besides the product design itself, Nathalie has always placed special value on ways to embed the products within their context, and the whole experience of the product. After completing her studies Nathalie returned to Switzerland, where she worked as freelance designer on the implementation of Soap Flakes and also in producing and selling a small production run of her table cloths series "Hairy Table Cloths". She also worked for Atelier Oï, mindform and myclimate, developing products in the field of interiors, scenography and service.

Nathalie is currently working for Swisscom, where she is working on service innovations together with start-ups and in-house teams.